Horizon Project #2: Make Your Mark

Project #2: 

Skill: Drawing

Theme: Make your mark

For the second project of Horizons we’re looking at mark making. You could use traditional materials like pen, pencil, pastels, paint or if you don’t have much arts supplies be inventive and use what’s around you, arrange your clothes, smear some ketchup, draw on your phone or think of other ways to make your mark.

Definition of drawingThe technique of representing an object or outlining a figure, plan, or sketch by means of lines or mark making. 

With the theme being make your mark, just use what’s around you. For example you could draw food, furniture, a relative, a favourite tv character, a plant, a view from your window, a pattern, do whatever you feel like and use your surroundings to inspire you. With each of our briefs the most important thing is enjoy it, don’t over-think it and make sure you share your work with us #horizonsproject, email it to us and tag us too.

If you’re stuck and want some more inspiration or support here’s some ideas to explore and traditional techniques to have a go at.  


Your favourite lockdown, tv show, book or video game. Draw a favourite character or scene. 

Play with your food: Arrange your dinner, draw a picture with some jam on toast and take a snap. (Try not to waste food though). 

The most distracting thing in your house. Put that Nintendo Switch down and draw it. 

Some techniques;

Continuous Line Drawing: 

1.    Pick something to draw.

2.    Set a timer at 3 minutes. (Or however long you want to give yourself).

3.    Pick something to draw with

4.    Start the timer

5.    DON’T take your pen off the paper throughout the 4 minutes.

Tactile Drawing

1.    Pick an object (must be a physical object) to draw. 

2.    Get your pencil and paper ready in front of you

3.    Set a timer for 3 minutes. 

4.    Close your eyes and start the timer. 

5.    With on hand on the object and the pencil in the other draw the textures you feel. 

Limit your marks. 

Give yourself a limit to the amount of marks you are allowed to make to create a drawing. Start with ten and go from there. 

Horizon Project #1: Collage and the Future

Week #1

Theme: The Future is… 

We thought we’d start by using the Convenience Gallery theme for the year, ‘The Future is…’ With this uncertain time we’d love to see your ideas and responses to the positive things you’re looking forward to in the future. 

Think about all the things you’re looking forward to. About the positive changes that may be made after this. Seeing friends, family, maybe even your favourite gallery again. There’s so much to look forward to, and use that to guide you.

 Skill: Collage

Collage is a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing. You can use anything. We have put together some tips for you to get started.

We’ve put together some helpful tips and example for you. As well as this, we will be speaking to Cut Out Collage, who have kindly given an example in the first image set too. Catherine is doing online tutorials and they’re fantastic, so check that out asap. On instagram she is @cut_outcollage.

Cut Out Collage Youtube

Heres some tips from us too. 

Use Anything. Old newspapers and magazines are great, but think about junk mail, food packaging, photos. Be creative.

Simple can be good. Try just using 5 things to start off with. . Be selective.

Layer. Some materials can create textures and depth.

Don’t stick down straight away. Play around with the composition of your image. 

No Glue? Place your images and shapes carefully and take a picture

Use scissors, or tear. Having a mixture can help.

Spin it; either your background, foreground,  a layer or shape. If something doesn’t quite look right, this can help you find the solution.

Remember these are all to help you create, and we want to see any of your creative endeavours. So if you paint, write poetry, make music, create sculptures, or have even put up a rainbow in your window, we’d love to see it. Email us @  conveniencegallery@outlook.com


We are launching Horizons. This is a community art project. We want to see what you are making creatively during this time of Social distancing and Isolation. In collaboration with the Open Door Centre, Bloom Building and Bido Lito.

Horizons; A Community Arts Project

During this period of uncertainty and isolation we have decided to incite positivity and a sense on community through our online creativity project Horizons. We want everyone  within the community from full time artists to first timers to get involved. No matter skill level all we are looking for is passion and for everyone to have a bit of fun getting creative.

The end result of this project to be a giant showcase of all the submissions we can fit into the Bloom building when everything gets back to normal.

For each week of the self isolation we will be asking for submissions of your art, any medium, technique, material, skill level, from sculpture to poetry. We what to build up an online portfolio of all your works and share them with the rest our community. In times like this creativity, solidarity and a sense of community are of the utmost importance. 

We will be delivering different tutorials, challenges and call outs each week to keep your creative mind buzzing! So work by yourself with your kids, family, friends send a message to a distant pal. We encourage working collaboratively. So just get creative and we will begin to build the Horizon community, showcasing new submissions each week across all of our online platforms.  

The end result of this project to be a giant showcase of all the submissions we can fit into the Bloom building when everything gets back to normal.  This is a great opportunity to celebrate creativity at all levels bring the life long artists, the makers, hobbyists and the first time learners together. At this time we can celebrate the community that we build, see all the great works you have produced across the time and meet everyone who got involved.

To submit email to conveniencegallery@outlook.com

Check out the article on the Bido Lito to see all about the Open Door Centre offers too. These are fantastic for anyone in need of some support during this time. 


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