Visits to Christchurch Oxton and Wirral Deen Centre

During the week of the 5th December we took trips, the first to Christchurch and then the second to the Wirral Deen Centre later that week. Our volunteers Nick and Shelagh attended too. 

At Christ Church we sat around and had a great chat with everyone, we maybe got a little derailed at some points and we also discussed something that has come up a lot through the project of what it means to be working class - which throughout has presented a number of definitions. But we still managed to uncover a few great stories and met some really interesting local people. 

We also headed over to the Wirral Deen Centre to introduce the project to the community there, there was a lots going on in the space as they had recently finished prayer, had a covid vaccination clinic in and the BBC and Granada report in filming the day. So there really was a lot going on, but we had a chance to introduce the project to a number of people and got a few people to share some of their memories and stories with us. Many of the people we spoke to had only recently come to the area and it was great to hear about some of their more recent memories, most of this came up in conversation and we didn’t have a chance to document. But will be continuing our relationship with the space to feed in stories.

We want to thank both the Wirral Deen and Christ Church for inviting us in to talk to their community. We hope to be able to continue to work with these community hubs in the future. 

Here is a snapshot from some of the memories contributed during these sessions: 

Your name: Sue Berry

Location of memory: All over Wirral

Date/ Era of memory: from 1956 and stories evidence etc from late 1800s - originally my family came from Ireland - Potato famine late 1800’s

Your story or History: I am going to share more stories and submit: 

  • Training ship merchant navy, in the mersey. 
  • My uncle living and working in the Work House
  • Family members living in and around Birkenhead. Main memory is Dad on the borstal ship - the Indefatagalbe (and the Conway) at 13 yrs old then on to the merchant navy in the mid 1950’s/. 

  • Your name: Sarah 

    Location of memory: Birkenhead 

    Date/Era or memory: 1990s 

    Your story or history: Birkenhead technical college, i attended birkenhead technical collage 20 years ago. It is no longer here now and has been turned into flats. Both of my parents were from Birkenhead and grew up here in the 1950s. My mum attended Christ Church primary school in the 50s and my son currently attends now. 

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