Drop off points around town

Story Drop off points

We have been working with some great locations at key points across Birkenhead as drop off points and spaces that you can sit, write down stories and input into the project even if you aren’t able to attend any of the events. 

We have aimed to work solely with public venues that are open across the week so that you are able to go drop stories or take some time in the venue to think and write. If you do head to one of these venues ask about the ‘Uncovering Birkenheads working class history project and the staff should be able to help or direct you to the drop off and memory cards. 

The location are: 

  • Future Yard

  • Location: 75 Argyle St, Birkenhead CH41 6AB

    Opening times: 10am-11pm Monday-Sunday 

  • Williamson Art Gallery 

  • Location: Slatey Rd, Oxton, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 4UE

    Opening times: 10:30-4:30 Wednesday-Saturday (Open till 9pm on fridays) 

  • Birkenhead Central Libray 

  • Location: Borough Rd, Birkenhead CH41 2XB

    Opening times: 9am-1pm-2pm-5pm Monday-Saturday (closed for lunch form 1pm-2pm daily) 

  • KRL general Store 

  • Location: 256 Grange Rd, Birkenhead CH41 6EB

    Opening times: 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday 

    So if you have a chance or just happen to be in one of these great locations please take the time to fill out a short (or long) story, memory or history and support great local business and iconic locations at the same time. 

    We will be collecting all stories from these locations in the new year and adding them to the blog and interactive map.

    Or if you’re reading this right now and can’t wait email us - conveniencegallery@outlook.com

    Volunteers Night

    We welcomed the first group of volunteers for the working class history project for an evening on the 8th November at our office in Pink Sands Studio. 

    Throughout the evening we spoke about our own memories of the places we live, work and grew up, not just limited to Birkenhead. It was a really lovely night to get everyone involved and thinking about the project. Be sure to keep an eye out for our volunteers at various pop events and give them a warm welcome.

    We took down some stories of our (Andy, Ryan and the Volunteers) own to input into the project these are: 

    Name: Les

    Location of memory: Ferry and bus terminal

    Date/Era of memory: 1964-67

    Your story or History: 

    Lived in L8 with grandmother, and twice per year she would visit Pensby. To get there we would get a bus, ferry and another bus, as at the time Wirral was outside of Merseyside area and had a different bus system. These were Crossville. This trip would take a whole day and felt really far away. 

    Name: Andy

    Location of memory: Birkenhead Park

    Date/Era of Memory: 2012

    Your Story or History: I volunteered in college with the Park rangers team. This was something we had to do in college, (i studied at Birkenhead Sixth Form College). I mostly had to cut hedges and litter pick and i’d do this every wednesday for about 3 months with my friends Ben and Sam (who i was also in a band with). The Rangers always used to tell us stories about the park and some of the more grizzly tales of things that have happened to people. Its a happy memory i have of college and spending time with my friends. 

    Name: Liv

    Location of memory: Make Hamilton Square, Birkenhead

    Date/ Era of the memory 21st Century (early 2022). 

    Your Story or History: Having my first studio space in Make Hamilton Square. My first taste of being an artist out university. It is also where i have made some of my most challenging pieces. 

    Name: Shelagh

    Location of Memory: Birkenhead Market

    Date/ Era of Memory: 1970ish

    Your Story or History: My Mum took me to Birkenhead Market (old one) to get a 21st Birthday present for my brother. I would have been about 9 or 10. I was really excited as we were getting him a watch which was a big thing and she let me pick it! 

    Name: Georgina

    Location of memory: Future Yard, Birkenhead

    Date/ Era of Memory: August 2022

    Your Story of History: Went to a gig here at Future yard to see a local band with my friends and had a good night!

    Name: Ryan

    Location or memory: Birkenhead Park

    Date/ Era of Memory: 2021 (during the covid lockdown)

    Your Story or History: Spent many Saturdays walking up through the park to Oxton, grabbing a takeaway coffee and walking back down the hill, sitting and walking round the park chatting. Literally my only outdoor entertainment for months. Haven’t done this as much since and i do miss those walks

    If you are interested on volunteering on the project get in touch on conveniencegallery@outlook.com with the heading ‘Volunteer’

    The Map is Live!

    From our first 2 sessions we have now launched our interactive map and Facebook group for the project! 

    You can engage with the map here: Click to access map

    How to use the map: 

    1. Click the link above to the map web page.

    2. Click on each pin to reveal a story.

    3. Add your own! Fill in the box below and we will add the story periodically. 

    FAQ: what are the colours? - the coloured pins represent how the story was collected. So the yellow pins are from our summer festival and the purple from the saving Rons place event. We will add new colours as the memory map grows. 

    The Facebook Group is also now set up and you can request to join it here: click here to join group. 

    Once approved by the Convenience team this will be your space to share stories and keep the conversation going. 

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