Kath’s memory of the Stork

Ahead of our visit to the Stork Hotel on the 1st, Kath got in touch with the team there to share their memory and story of the Stork Hotel! 

“I lived at number 39 until 1962. My Grandad Fred Corry nana and their boys Fred and Stan lived at the Stork as Grandad was the licensee from 1912 - 1936. I hope you can use these pictures too. When Grandad died 1936 my nan, Lucy and her son Stan had to vacate and they lodged across the road at  number 24 the Millers Home. My Dad was serving in India at the time. 

Nan Lucy was killed when a bomb dropped on the Ritz 1940. 

Dad came home from India with no home and lived at number 39 where my Mum and her family lived and he married my mum in 1941. 

I wish I could be there to hear all the stories. 

Many years later and my cousin’s daughter - Corry married Miller. They didn’t know the connection!! 

She works next door in Horden House!!” 

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