Walking trip with OOMOO


Our team went over to OOMOO to work with a group of locally based young people as part of the Uncovering Birkenhead’s working class history project. 

OOMOO is a local project run by the Open Door Charity to create a space for young looked after people on Wirral. They offer a range of weekly wellbeing activities across sports, arts, music and more. 

We wanted to work with OOMOO on this project to make sure that everyone has a say in shaping the people’s history and inputting stories right up to the present day. Championing the stories and places of importance from wirral’s local young people. 

For this session we went for a walk around Argyle street, Hamilton square and down to the Woodside dock as the young group had expressed that these were places of importance to them and hold memories and stories unique to them. Our team and the OOMOO team took 15 young people out across the area, cameras in hand and got them to snap pictures of any locations or places that mean something to them and their history. 

We had a great and slightly chaotic time as we traveled but unfortunately didn’t get to finish the full tour, but we will be collecting all of the images and stories from this session and adding them to the Interactive Map. We will also be going back to work with OOMOO carers and young people again in the New year so look forward to seeing more. 

Make sure to check out the images and stories from this session!

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