October - December Round Up

We’ve had an incredible start to this project and want to thank the 100s of you who have contributed so far. We have too many highlights to list here, but it’s been such a positive experience for us to work with you all to help uncover the working class history here in Birkenhead. 

Whats next in the new year? 

  • Archive visits - we will be connecting with Wirral library and other local archives to dig deeper into your stories and continue to uncover the working class history of our town. 
  • Creative workshops - we will be bringing in artists to work with you to think about how we can communicate our uncovered history. Sessions will be advertised and promoted. 
  • Our Event in the Spring which will be asking the question of whats next for the project and how we all collectively continue to tell our story because Birkenhead has a huge one to tell. 

  • We’ve also met with a number of other organisations about more groups - if you run a group or are in one get in touch as we’d love to meet with you. Along with that we have also met with our local MP’s Mick Whitley and Alison McGovern, and local culture and heritage councilors about further supporting this project. As we have updates on this we will let you all know!

    Thanks, have a great Festive period and new year! 

    P.s. if stories come up over the festive period we’d love it if you could jot them down and send them in. 

    Below are some prompts to get you talking! 

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