Horizons Project 3: Photography and Video, Jocelyn Allen Collaboration

🌞 It’s Horizons Project 3 already! For not one but two weeks we will be working with the fantastic @jocelynfreya To bring our fun photo or video challenges. 

#1 is Balance something on yourself. 

#2 ‘Wear as many items of clothes as possible’ or ‘Wear the most Bizarre Outfit’.

Don’t worry too much about it, think of an idea and run with it. Use Jocelyn’s tips to guide you and most importantly have fun. 

Scroll through for not only Jocelyn’s fantastic example but for Andy, Ryan & Claire’s too. 

Thank you to everyone who’s been taking part, we love to see all you creations. You’re all boss. 

You can go back and do older projects too, we love to see them. You can also send us other things you’re working on too, they will all be included in the celebratory exhibit at the Bloom Building when they can reopen. So get involved!! 


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