In a Past Line

by Kate Bigley

May 11th - June 8th

More information for the show TBC soon. 

About Kate.

Kate Bigley is a female artist based in Wirral. Her practice encompasses drawing, painting, and installation. While she is primarily drawn to line and space, her work ultimately stems from the process of making as a form of mindfulness, which applies to all aspects of her practice. Kate enjoys the challenge of using line to capture the character and narrative of a live subject, evident in many of her line drawings. Working in installation allows Kate to draw interactively, utilizing architecture and playing with structures to reimagine a space. This aspect of her practice is both fun and creative, similar to drawing from life. 

Kate currently resides in the Wellington Road Artist Studios in Oxton, alongside well-established and accomplished Wirral artists. You can visit Kate in her studio during the Wirral Open Studio Tour in June 2024!

Visit on the launch event night, get free tickets here:

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