About the Town is the Gallery

The Town is the Gallery programme is about making arts and culture a part of the everyday. Creating accessible ways for communities to engage and be enriched through the arts.

It is our most ambitious programme to date and will create art access across the town of Birkenhead and wider wirral across a number of partnered venues. This will be a multi project initiative consisting of exhibitions, installations, workshops, creative courses, film festivals, and creative support for residents and artists.

It will be something new, that breaks down the barriers and challenges faced by so many on Merseyside, particularly within creative industries. The Wirral and Merseyside has a rich history of creative people and a hugely talented population who express a limited access to jobs, careers and participation with the arts and our programme seeks to provide these people with a platform to express these talents and interests.

The role of the community in shaping our arts and culture programme is pivotal and we know the positive impact this can have on people’s wellbeing, physically, mentally and socially. We will create safe, supportive environments for people to thrive through creativity.

Improving confidence and building up skills and interests of local people.

The Town is the Gallery will create joyous everyday moments for all generations across the borough, that provide a platform for arts and culture to thrive! Nurturing existing talent and creating new opportunities to inspire the next generation. We want to make Birkenhead and the Wirral a destination for arts and culture.

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