Birkenhead Market History Day 10.12.22

On the 10th December Andy, Ryan and Les, braved the cold at Birkenhead Market to hear your memories of Birkenhead. We had a really warm response from the market on the day. Thanks to Memory Lane Fairs for bringing us into this event! 

Please get in contact if you have any memories to share about the market and its history. We really would love to hear them!

Here are some of the stories shared with us across the day:

Your name: Gaynor

Location of memory: Birkenhead Market

Date/ Era of memory: 1975

Your story or History: I started a Saturday job at 13yrs old in the ice cream van in the old market. Selling hotdogs, burgers and ice cream. Moved to the new market to a stall outside Tony’s. The market was buzzing. All my friends met in the market. Most of us had Saturday jobs. 

In the evenings we’d go to the Prenton Youth club disco. This no longer in existence. It was the heart of Prenton.  Pre 1976 disco and rock ruled till punk and new wave exploded. Great times. 

Your name: Chris

Location of memory: Birkenhead School

Date/ Era of memory: Mid-2000’s

Your story or History: In 2000’s our nice but rundown Primary School went to Birkenhead School for a Science fair to attract young people to the sciences. We jumped on the coach for the short journey, all a bit giddy and regularly being told to be quiet. 

We arrived at the school and lined up against the wall to be counted. As we walked in it struck me that there facilities vastly outclassed us; cricket field, pavilion, a whole science block, the works. Us and them. 

We then saw the Birkenhead students and started hysterically laughing - we saw there straw hats, shorts and long socks. We got back on the coach thankful we didn’t look like them. 

Your name: Terry (Teresa)

Location of memory: Priory building Flats

Date/ Era of memory: 1960’s

Your story or History: Fighting and rivalry with Abbey building and Priory buildings. The flats were knocked down and the community all had to move on, i moved to Rock Ferry. I hated it here as it broke up our community. 

They had to dynamite the flats to demolish them and they took some knocking down. I’ve now lost touch with the people i knew then. 

I also used to go to the ABC cinema on saturday mornings. 6p (tanner) - pictures, chips and sweets and youd still have change! 

Your name: Brian

Location of memory: Derby Road, Birkenhead, 

Date/ Era of memory: 1940’s - 1960’s

Your story or History: I remember young teenage years, drinking in the local pups. Gigs used to happen at the Alexender pub on Derby road. I was a band called Zingaro. Which was Neo Soul Acid jazz. 

Birkenhead was a pretty dark place in the 80’s with massive culture of drugs and violence.

If any of these stories have brought up any memories please get in contact and share your histories with us. 

We would also like to say a massive thanks to volunteer Les who braved the cold across the day and had some really great chats with the people in the market.

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