What is the BIFF

The BIFF is a film festival focussed on creating new ways to engage with independent film outside of traditional formats and  instead within community spaces. We create social spaces to discuss and engage with film. 

BIFF is a people lead film festival with the aim of bringing the world to Birkenhead through film. 

Founded in 2020 by now project leads, Ben Loveland & David Harrison, in collaboration with Convenience Gallery co-founders Andrew Shaw & Ryan Gauge. Each of us had a goal of creating more space for people to come together to discuss and celebrate film. Each years festival has focussed on different genres within the film industry. Open to short form films of all kinds. 

BIFF has received over 300 submissions worldwide and platformed 100 independent film makers across the last 3 years. We aim to champion film for all and future generations of filmmakers, breaking down the barrier to taking part, viewing, learning and making film. 

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