The Future is... (Opening Party & Exhibition)

In November we announced a call out with the title 'The Future is'. We had agreed to move and collaborate with Bloom Building & Coffee. Taking our primary location for the gallery from Birkenhead Market to Bloom. 

We chose the future is as we were ourselves considering our collective future. We wanted people to be a part of shaping that.

The open ended statement is provocative. It is easy to end it with a number of words. Huge advertising campaigns have used it in ways like the The future takes VISA, The Futures is bright. Often with a promise of a new dawn. ‘The future is’ by our intention, meant to provoke thought and actionable responses to the current world we live in. To provide commentary and create discussion. Ultimately to put the vision of the future in the hands of the artist.

To begin our years programme, we facilitated a series of installations and artworks from 6 artists & musicians who we have included within our programme for the year. 

These artists being;

Ben Lunt

Elle Bulger

Wizold Sage

Claire Henderson

Joana Oliveira Guerreiro

Max Mallender

The night was a great celebration, and a wonderful opportunity to work with some really great artists. It was also 1 year of Open Door Centre at the Bloom Building. So we will be celebrating that too. 

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