Discombobuloscopy by

Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould

Exhibition Date: 25.02.22 - 11.03.22 

Opening Night 25th February, 6:30pm 

‘Discombobuloscopy’ is an experimental collaborative painting, made in relief from hand cut MDF, metal and polymer clay. Mounted as a tri-fold modesty screen made specifically for the Convenience Gallery modular framework, it sits in a tradition of decoratively carved and painted screens and room dividers that dates back thousands of years, including those used for the privacy of medical examination. 

The painting depicts an imaginative, unfolding body as landscape for contemplation; part self-examination, part costume change. Inspired by cartoonish representations, medical models and body imaging, body horror movie prop design and the melting, colour driven animism of psychedelia; the piece meditates on how conscious we have become of our bodies and whether it’s possible to build a coherent picture of them? Do we view our bodies as just a vehicle and what or who is along for the ride; are we just relay nodes for the micro-organisms we house? How best do we live in ourselves as a site for transformation?

Roxy Topia and Paddy Gould have been collaborating with each other for over a decade, often also with others. Their cross disciplinary practice spans drawing, painting and sculpture; situated somewhere off centre. Themes in the work, like the pieces themselves, are additive and become congealed hybrids of inner and outer life experiences. Recent work takes the form of multi layered paintings crossing into the realms of relief, using combinations of biomorphic elements which explore complicated relationships to the body, mind and what it means to have a sense of self. 

Topia and Gould have exhibited and undertaken residencies across the UK and internationally. Selected exhibitions include RMAC, Roswell, USA, Studio 1.1, London, Studio 2, Todmorden and Bunker Gallery, Manchester. Their most recent solo show in 2021, ‘Pause for Living’ was held at CBS Gallery, Liverpool. They also founded Pink Sands in 2018; an independent press for Artist publications. Their latest book release ‘There’s Always Things Falling Out the Sky’ is a fully illustrated long form poem and was created in collaboration with Artist Sammy Playford. They are based in Birkenhead.

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