Reece Griffiths & Ellie Towers

Exhibition Date: 19.11.21 - 03.12.21 

Opening Night: Friday 19th 

November 6:30pm - Late

Floor Plan is an attempt to actualise a tangible visual representative of the way childhood memories and activities manifest themselves in the retrospective position of the present. Rooted in the idea of ‘weekends’ spent as a child, it has grown into something which attempts to reclaim lost places and pivotal events by pushing them into a shape that subverts the absurd, the concrete material and the half-remembered into implicative-fiction and positive productivity. It is the environmental stand-in of the challenging and questioning of how we choose to perceive and recontextualise the things done to and through us, and what we have brought forward into our contemporary experience.

With the purpose of continually questioning traditional and accepted concepts and ideologies, Ellie and Reece create digitized objects and environments replicative and imitative of real-life structures, destroying and subsequently reconstructing them in a dialectically-layered fashion until; stripped bare of its original conditions, the new item establishes itself instead as something of a pseudo-structure, bridging the gap between the contradictions and polarities of functional meanings. Exploring how warpings of gender, domestic-life, and socially-fringed outlooks could help in dismantling the ties of moralistic and capital-convention, they join the viewer on a pilgrimage through fictional landscapes cobbled together from a collection of idiosyncratic totems. 

Instagram - @ellie__towers 


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