Reece Griffiths & Ellie Towers

Exhibition Date: 19.11.21 - 04.12.21

Opening Night: Friday 19th 

November 6:30pm 

With the purpose of continually questioning traditional and accepted concepts and ideologies, Ellie and Reece create digitized objects and environments replicative and imitative of real-life structures, destroying and subsequently reconstructing them in a dialectically-layered fashion until; stripped bare of its original conditions, the new item establishes itself instead as something of a pseudo-structure, bridging the gap between the contradictions and polarities of functional meanings. Exploring how warpings of gender, domestic-life, and socially-fringed outlooks could help in dismantling the ties of moralistic and capital-convention, they join the viewer on a pilgrimage through fictional landscapes cobbled together from a collection of idiosyncratic totems.

Instagram - @ellie__towers


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