Fly on the wings of L0V3 by nil00

Exhibition launch and listening party for 00. 

Fly on the wings of l0v3 is an exhibition showcasing my first EP, "00", and the visual world around it. Visitors are invited to preview the EP, which is out on 16th May, and read the accompanying zine which contains short stories, poetry and drawings as well as the song lyrics from the EP. For me Dragons are a symbol of the spirit in flight, carrying us onward while we sleep, unconscious of our own beauty and strength. I have been obsessed with them as a symbol since I discovered a short story I wrote as a toddler which reads: 

One day it was so boring but.... suddenly! Someone like a dragon came! And everyone was so scared. But the dragon wasn’t scary at all. The dragon wanted to be friends with the people but the people wanted to kill the dragon but suddenly... the dragon seen someone he seen she was crying the dragon said can I be your friend she said yes of course the end. 

This last year I have been obsessively making dragons, reacquainting myself with painting, as well as making pixel art, 3D art and animations. The story struck me like a transformative, instructive dream, with every character representing a part of the psyche. The dragon is the ferocious, creative part of you. The townspeople and their fear is the left-brained, safety craving ego. And maybe they wear the faces of people who made you feel like it wasn't safe to express the truth of you. The crying girl, still soft and vulnerable is imprisoned in this cold, safe place. The friendship between the dragon and the crying girl is natural and reparative. It's a happily ever after, but rly a new beginning. 

Making music has been such a journey for me - attempting to go from a place of safety, inactivity and boredom to freedom, life, movement, expression. I'm terrified to reveal myself in this way, it's a thrilling adventure though and I'm so lucky Convenience Gallery brought such excitement to my life by letting me show my art.

Exhibition Date: 06.05.22 - 20.05.22 

Opening Night: 6th May, 6:30pm 

The night will feature nil00's new work and a listening party for the new e.p 00. 

See their latest video 'Reject' here: 

The EP 00 will be released on May 16th

Socials: @nil00151

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