Nicole Stiff

Nicole is a long durational performance artist with a knack for collaboration and an unhealthy obsession with rotting jars. Their work often attempts to engage the audience by inviting them to play within Nicole’s very own constructed worlds. Nicole is a keen storyteller, allowing these very stories to mutate through word of mouth and rumours. The theme of death unconsciously appears throughout their work, as most of the projects lead to Nicole killing the objects which Nicole has spent months anthropomorphising and forming attachments to.

S.C.O.B.Y Adoption Agency and The Death of A, clearly illustrates the key tenets of Nicole’s practice and are their most renowned works. Exhibiting and curating play into the formation of their practice, which they have recently had to evolve into the online sphere. Quarantine Connections, a Google street view exhibition Nicole curated, is a popular example of this.

Through the development fund we are working with Nicole to support the promotion and distribution of their newest work, which they have created during a residency at the Royal Standard. We are also working to develop their practice. With the hope that we can create new opportunities for Nicole within the local and national art scene. 

Applicants to our 2nd fund in this programme will be hearing back this week, thanks for your patience. 

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