Nathan Thomas

My name is Nathan and I work for a conservation charity where I help to restore habitats. I’ve been an avid forager for several years and enjoy going out into my local green spaces to see what I can find to take home and cook into a tasty meal. Foraging is a great way to connect to your local green spaces and nature as it can educate you about the wildlife and gives a great sense of satisfaction when taking something from tree to table. I also enjoy identifying any new species I find while out in nature as this improves my own knowledge and is helpful to record on iNatuarilst. 

Nathans workshop will be a part of the event at Birkenhead Park on the 13th May. 

An open walk around the park looking out for interesting species to identify and record with the iNaturalist app, while learning about what you can forage from local green spaces and collecting some that can be used in the following workshops. The walk will be accompanied with foraged refreshments. The idea of this workshop is to teach people the basics of foraging and the importance of visiting your local green spaces and protecting the wildlife that lives there.

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