Modular Gallery Space

Over the past year and lockdown period we had time to reflect on the work we had done to date, learning from this and developing a number of projects and ideas that have really helped us to realise and understand the vision for Convenience and to help grow our offer, support and access. 

As a part of this learning we wanted to reimagine how we could sit work within non-traditional spaces and could continue to move, collaborate and take art on the road whilst still creating high quality outcomes with the artists we work with.  

One of the ways we have sought to achieve this is through designing and building a Modular Gallery space. The space consists of a steel frame structure with interchangeable panels that can be anything from wood - fabric - acrylic. This can be set up in a number of formats to create multiple forms, shapes and spaces too. The thought process behind this being to create something flexible and transformative that we can work with each artist that’s involved to adapt to best showcase their work. Allowing us to place contemporary art out in public and community spaces, creating unique interactions and experiences for the community with arts and culture, which is what we are all about. 

Within the programme there are already some fantastically imaginative approaches planned by the artists incorporating this space which we can’t wait to share with you throughout the year ahead. 

The 17th will be the first time the space is out in public and will house the programme collection point and showcase all of the amazing artists we are working with across the year. 

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