Michael Roberts

The intention within the work is to combine a multitude of personal and observed narratives into one composition. This results in an amalgamated image that ultimately gives the viewer the power to define what the piece in question means to them. It also allows the release of personal experiences and views subliminally within the work without influencing observers with clearly demonstrated ideological leanings. 

My work has no real connection with being at home, other than its attempt to disconnect from current life and form another reality, so possibly its connection with home and current reality is its contrast to this.

The work I have been developing since being at home has become seemingly more claustrophobic. This period of isolation has possibly had a hand in influencing the creation of specific boundaries and walls in work, but as my process primarily focuses on instinct and emotion it is hard to tell if that has affected it. Prior work has definitely been influenced by surroundings and experiences however and so there may be some subliminal relation to my new pieces and our current situation.

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