Max Mallender

Max Mallenders work is driven by a longstanding relationship with the environment around him. 

Practicing the idea of unlearning objects, in order to recreate and rethink them to be viewed as new.

It is a responsive and playful exploration of those materials, textures, movements and space that drives his practice. 

Connection to home:

I don’t feel as though my work really has any meaningful connection to home in terms of content or production, before this situation I rarely made anything in my house, I like the separation, I like going to the studio and having that difference in space and state.  Also, I am very messy.  However I do draw in my house, and I have been spending more time exploring my phone, making digital collages and weird gifs etc, so i guess that counts.

How has this time at home influenced, shaped or redirected

Honestly in one way i feel totally disconnected from it, being out of the studio and away from other people making, I feel very distant from it.  Especially painting, Im not good at thinking about painting, whenever i have a ‘good’ idea about a painting it always turns out terrible, and I like being in momentum with painting, I find it difficult to stop and start again.  I am enjoying the time to think about installation work though, Ive got a couple of ideas I’m excited to make when Ive got the space. 

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