We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Merseyside Arts Foundation who, through their project work funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and Workers Educational Association, are supporting aspiring and practicing creatives aged 18+ and currently not in employment, economically inactive (can be self-employed but not currently bringing in full time income) or not currently in education .

As part of the partnership we have created five spaces for Merseyside based visual artists to work with Convenience Gallery, offering supportive investment for future and critical development. This takes shape in the form of one to one support sessions with the CG team and £300 from a development fund paid direct to service providers for each successful applicant.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to understand the wide needs of visuals artists across the area and work as a support team to help with the development of personalised and specific plans. We want to see our support do real and measurable good across the local creative community thought this collaborative development fund.

Fund Two –Aged 18+, currently unemployed and not in education (deadline: 21/03/21)

Support will be offered to visual artists across Merseyside to buy-in specialist third party training and skills development with expenditure relevant to the reasonable cost of development. Examples being but not restricted to: developing a website, commissioning a PR freelancer, buying in mentoring or tutoring, accessing skills based teaching, access to workshops/unavailable equipment etc. The support allows for the essential buying in of support, skill or critical learning with the aim of providing sustainable, positive and prolonged outcomes.

All successful applicants will be given one-to-one support session with the Convenience Gallery team as we work to create personalised plans for artist development in relation to individual practice, career stage and needs. This support session and plan will help to inform us of the funding needs of each artists as work alongside them to deliver on this plan.

Fund Two Criteria(please read over and check if eligible) :

• Aged 18+, currently unemployed/economically inactive (can be self-employed but not currently bringing in full time income) and not in education

• Available for 5 hours of support and development sessions with Convenience Gallery team

• Based in Merseyside/LCR

• Give example of pervious and current works

• Be able to provide an understanding and overview of your needs to continue to develop you practice.

Each artist will be supported with a £300 investment, which will paid direct to service providers at a set rate of £25 hour inclusive of VAT. This support cannot fund:

• Artist wage or fees, fees for time spend creating work.

• Other non-development based expenditure.

• Payments or expenditure cannot be made directly to applicant.  

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Or email us at ( the following points - 

1. Name: 

2. Age: 

3. Location (Merseyside): 

4. In this section give us an overview of you and your creative practice: 

5: Up to 5 images of your work: 

6: What challenges and barriers do you face in furthering your creative practice?

7: How could this investment help to further your career/creative practice?

8:Share any relevant link, website, social media etc.

9: How did you find out about this opportunity. 

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