Lydia O'Hara

Lydia O'Hara is a multidisciplinary artist-mother and trainee art therapist whose practice is primarily concerned with embodied cognition, the ways in which we understand and experience
our world through our body. This has been explored through various lenses including mental health, play, womanhood, the world of work, collective consciousness and motherhood. With her practice being led by concept rather than medium, work has taken the form of moving image (video), performance, installation, paintings, collage, mixed media, sculpture and participatory arts.

In this puppet making workshop, Lydia will support participants to create unique interactive puppets from found materials. In an age where the consumption of toys is fast paced and unsustainable, participants are encouraged to look at items deemed no longer usable and find a new playful ways to extend their life. Given the extreme current cost of living this way of looking at objects is both beneficial for our creativity, bank accounts and our planet.

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