Jon Edgley, 'On the Brightside'

Exhibition Date: 13.08.21 - 27.08.21

Launch Night, 13th August, 6:30pm

Exploring and questioning the concept of positivity in the 21st century and its application in our lives. “On the Bright Side” is an interactive snapshot of the positivity spectrum, its use and understanding. From its sincere side of love, connection and support to its more troublesome side of denial and overgeneralization. 

  • What is positivity? 
  • How is it used? 
  • How do we use it? 
  • And when should we use it?  

The answer to life isn’t always: live, laugh, love. 

More abut Jon: 

"I am Jon Edgley, a Liverpool based artist. My practice consists of drawing, curation, performance and sometimes I make objects. My practice explores my existence, class and position as a minimum wage worker, artist, curator, son, brother, cashier, shelf-stacker, customer and any other role required from me in my daily life."


Instagram: @jon_a_edgley

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