I am an artist who’s practice focuses mainly on painting but I also draw, make animation, sculpture and write. Building visual narratives that depict current affairs in a humorous way is biggest common denominator in my work.

I’ve got my studio at home and that’s where I do my art work. It’s very convenient not to commute but it’s also where I feel the most comfortable. Spending time reading and studying feels essentially to me but also to inform and inspire my working practice so being at home is the perfect environment. Even though I am used to be at home and working from home , being in quarantine has changed my working routine. I do spend more time helping my family but I am also trying to understand this moment and imagining what is the future going to be like after corona virus. Because my work looks at the present moment so much I have been processing what’s going on slowly which has been great because I believe that the pace we have been living in hasn’t added much quality to our modern lifestyles.

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