Jackie Pease

Hi – I’m Jackie. I’ve got to know about plastic reuse through my involvement with Plastic Tactics , a Liverpool-based CIC who aim to "encourage people to use and reuse plastic responsibly, through access to useful information, practical equipment and collaborative relationships".

I love working with these materials, whether laser cutting, injection moulding, heating with an iron or heat press, or cutting and shaping by hand. Plastics have so many interesting properties, from their bright colours, smooth textures and malleability, to the way they can diffuse light and having access to all the tools at DoES Liverpool maker space has given me lots of opportunity to experiment. Through Plastic Tactics I’ve been involved in delivering workshops for students and the general public, including making trinket trays and Christmas wreaths from ironed-together carrier bags and bubble wrap and earrings from heat pressed polypropylene sweet tubs.

Workshop Description

In the workshop people will learn how to iron together soft plastics such as carrier bags and bubble wrap to make and decorate flames for the tail of a comet (I will have made the frame for the comet in advance).
This is a skill they can use to make other items at home e.g. pouches, book covers; as the only tools needed are an iron, some silicon paper and corrugated cardboard to dissipate the heat.

Using Format