A church-like building housing a range of differently textured objects. Looking at how touches and sounds can create feelings of comfort.

You can play growth;infinity by clicking on the link below

Elle Bulger brings the first in the series of Growth;Infinity to Convenience Gallery. growth;infinity is an ongoing digital project ran as a collaboration between Elle & Convenience. 

From the artist - 

"growth;infinity is a long term project that I started working on about a year ago now. Initially it was very heavily inspired by my time in China and some reflections on loneliness and human connection I had while I was there, but slowly it has grown to become much larger than just that. Now, in a time where we all find ourselves cut off from the people we care about, interaction and connection are at the forefront of many of our minds. growth;infinity is, at its core, a deep dive into what being lonely actually means. Loneliness is so often viewed as a negative, understandably so, but what if being alone and feeling that absence and division is something we need. While having this theme at its heart, the project also explores the things we do to try to combat feelings of loneliness, as well as the ways those feelings are inflicted on us by external forces as well as by ourselves. 

The project's first outcome was a spatial installation titled, phase_001, and the second outcome was a film piece titled, phase_002. These titles feel a little misleading now as these reflect my initial plans for the work, pre-pandemic. In reworking the project to better fit in with the state of the world, as well as taking into account what I needed the project to be for my own wellbeing, growth;infinity has taken a shape I would never had anticipated, but now think it's the shape it always should have had.

growth;infinity will be a serialised, 6-part work released over 6 months, hopefully culminating in an art event after the last part is released. Each part focuses on one facet of the project, and a different digital environment will be built to reflect that for each part. These environments will all be their own micro-worlds, but will all be connected by recurring motifs and linked narratives. Each part will consist of a film piece that uses the digital world as its setting, a piece of creative prose that muses on the themes of that part of the series and an interactive game-like experience where the viewer can explore the digital world for themselves.

The prospect of working on something so slow-burning is daunting, but I think the time frame allows for growth and development and depth in a way a short term project - the way the project was initially planned - wouldn't. I'm excited to see how the work evolves, and I'm looking forward to looking back at this point in time and seeing what growth;infinity becomes."

“composer, sound designer and multi instrumentalist Will Robinson creates audio recordings in the margins of notes taken from beat music, new age bass, radiophonics, bird science and cartoon room tone“

Will has collaborated with Elle to create the sound design for growth;infinity you can check out more of Wills work on their bandcamp

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