Our Working Class Facebook group: JOIN HERE

The idea behind the group is to have a space for discourse for those involved in the project. From volunteers to participants. Its a space to also share photos, memories and anything you think fits the project. 

Do you have a story to share? (This can be images, text, links and video)

Do you want to be a part of creating a community history?

Do you want to read about the history and life of the Birkenhead's community about work life, homelife, leisure, family, sport, community space and social history ? 

Want to be a part of a community project? 

Purpose: In this Facebook group we will discuss and share stories, histories, images, articles, footage, films and more around Uncovering the working-class history of Birkenhead. This group is part of a community project taking pace across Birkenhead. This is part of a project by Convenience gallery supported by Historic England. This group is created for people interested in uncovering the last 80-100 year of Birkenhead’s Working class history right up to present day. For members of the local community and people who have lived, worked or have connections to the area to share and shape a community history of birkenhead.Expectations: This is a people's history and written memory group, a place to share anything related to the working class life and history of the area, the people who make up the community, places and location of importance, places lost to history and stories from the last 100 years right up to present day. By joining this group you agree to get involved with friendly open discussions, share stories, articles and other links related to uncovering the working class history of Birkenhead. 


Share images related to workclass history of Birkenhead Share personal or found stories Share links to relevant articles, videos, blogs 

Engage with friendly discussion 

Share links to other relevant history groups, events or meetings


Use hate speech or bully 

Don’t share inappropriate links 

Don’t share inappropriate images 

Don't post items for sale or links to businesses

When sharing on the group we recommend using the format below. But please also share and post in a way that best suits you: (example in Pinned posts)

Location of memory (or image/video/link)

Date of memory (or image/video/link) 


This Group is part of a larger public history project and we will be hosting public meetups and groups across the area in the next 6 months, these are free to attend and open to all, we will post in the groups to keep members informed. 

Who are we? Convenience Gallery; Convenience is a not for profit, creative arts platform based in Merseyside. Since 2019 we have been on a mission to create accessible ways for communities to engage and be enriched through the arts. This is part of Historic England’s Everyday Heritage Grants: Celebrating Working Class Histories. This project looks to uncover work, social and family life. Unearthing the places, memories, and stories of the people who have worked and lived here in Birkenhead and Wirral. Thanks for reading and please make sure to read the group's rules before joining. Ryan and Andrew.

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