Ellie Hoskins

Ellie Hoskins is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer from Cumbria, now based in Liverpool. Her work is diaristic and frank, combining slapstick millennial nihilism with an immersion in the rituals and details of everyday working life. Making and sharing her visual/text works online, she seeks to capture moments of private absurdity with self-deprecating clarity, emphasising their universality as she brings them out into the light. 

Ellie founded and facilitates the unofficial online art/writing school Phlegm, which culminated in an exhibition at The Royal Standard in 2021 and is currently in its second year. Other recent projects include a text installation on the exterior of Bluecoat, a collection of short texts commissioned by Montez Press, a reading at the ICA London, and a solo exhibition at OUTPUT.

This workshop will approach sustainability in writing: how can we avoid writers’ block and reliably create inspiration where there isn’t any? I will be sharing my go-to method of harvesting examples of others’ writing and language that I like and using them as the starting point for my own writing. We will be using a spider diagram/mind map format, using quotes that I’ve found in books and on the internet as prompts to expand upon with our own thoughts. When we have filled the paper and generated enough of our own words, we will form a poem out of them. 

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