Elle Bulger, Growth; Infinity

An immersive, collaborative project exploring futility, loneliness and hope. An experiment in future therapies. A narrative journey through six digital surreal environments.

The piece will be realised in three parts:

SPATIAL;r e a l i t y 

Immersive installation mirroring the first digital

INTER;r e a l i t y Full environment walkthrough executed by an

audience member, accompanied by a live score.

6 part series. 

VIRTUAL;r e a l i t y

VR film piece that guides the viewer seamlessly through all six environments.

The focus of this part of the exhibit will be;

INTER;r e a l i t y

A performance of encouraged exploration. This second part of the project will be the first time all six environments are featured. The six environments will each have unique interactive elements and are as follows:

sanctuary - a safe haven plum wine - the city breathes in beat - pause shore - the tide won’t break construct - build and rebuildrice wine - the city breathes out

For the performance, a member of the audience will be chosen to explore the world of growth;infinity. The piece will be played on PC as a Windows application built in the game engine, Unity. The performance would run for approximately 20 minutes.

Each environment will have its own soundscape that will be performed live for this part of the project. The six environments will act like traditional game levels in the sense that the player cannot continue until certain cues have been fufilled. It is these cues that will allow the length of time the player will and can spend in each environment to be measured, making a live score possible.

Each environment is designed to be cathartic and theraputic in some form. The spaces will be comforting and serene. The soundscapes will be ambient and expansive. The interactions will be designed to be minimal yet purposeful. The performance will be a consideration of meditation and mindfulness in a digital form, as well as a representation of my own personal experiences with feelings of lonliness and futility.

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