Craftbar #1: Embellishing a garment

In our first session we have worked with sustainable brand Dripped Goods to create patches from broken and discarded jewellery. To Create a wearable uniform. This session was lead at the Good Business Festival, and with a workshop with LJMU students. 

More about Dripped Goods 

Hand-crafted wearable treasures, made slowly with care, to cherish for a long time. Dripped Goods founder, Amy Flynn is a local artist/ designer working with jewellery, textiles and illustration. She studied jewellery design at London College of Fashion where she learnt traditional fine jewellery making processes and explored her interest in textiles. She developed skills in embellishment, fabric manipulation, and hand-embroidery techniques, often using salvaged materials. Her practice crosses boundaries between Jewellery, Clothing, Accessories and Interiors. 

Under the brand name Dripped Goods, Amy leads skill-sharing workshops and create jewels using the ancient technique, lost-wax casting. This involves hand-carving and forming models from wax before casting into silver. She has developed a signature technique whereby she takes impressions of local landmarks in wax to form ‘souvenir’ rings. Their surface is imprinted with textures of the physical location, preserved in metal, capturing memories and places for the wearer. 

Dripped Goods is anti-fast fashion at its core and stands for quality and longevity, whilst still adding some fun into personal adornment. Churning out products that only last a season or two is destructive, which is why these jewels are made to be loved and worn for years to come. Every piece of jewellery is carefully considered, designed to be gender neutral and can be worn by any body. 

It is Dripped Goods mission to create unique wearables with minimal impact on our precious planet, it’s people and wildlife. In every aspect of the brand I endeavour to make ethical choices such as using recycled, recyclable or reusable materials from tools down to business cards, to minimise waste. As well as working with local British suppliers that treat their workers fairly, and using plant-based substances in the studio. 

I use recycled metals wherever possible. All of Dripped Goods cast elements are made from recycled Silver, also known as ‘Eco Silver’. It is 100% recycled, traceable and audited. The scrap metal is sourced from old jewellery and parts, as well as the medical, gift & electronic industries (so your new piece of jewellery could have been a circuit board in a previous life!) 

Alongside these processes, making things to order and in (very) small batches ensures there’s zero waste and dead stock. I strongly believe that waiting a little while for something that you will treasure for life is no biggie, and actually makes it that bit more special when it does finally arrive. Slow isn’t a bad thing!

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