Corinne Price

I am a painter and printer recently returned to the Wirral after many years in London and abroad. Through my work, I explore the concept that everything is both interconnected and alive. I am drawn to cells and microorganisms and take an almost scientific approach when investigating these themes.

I’ve been making art from home for quite some time now and this period has given me the opportunity to improve how I manage my time and space. Before the lockdown I’d been working on lino printing and I’d finally gained access to a local print studio on the Wirral and I’d started to make a few connections with other artists and galleries in the area. However, no sooner than I’d gained access, it closed its doors and so I’ve had to change the way I work once again.

I work from home during the week, teaching online, and use the same room as well as my kitchen and balcony for making art. I’ve faced the same challenges as everyone during the lockdown in navigating a full household, finding quiet time, and taking time to relax. It’s difficult but painting helps.

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