Have you ever wondered why Convenience is partnered and located at Bloom Building? 

In this post we will give some more context and a little bit more depth around our partnership with Open Door and a little explanation for those who don’t know about Bloom: 

Bloom Building is a fantastic, progressive, innovative community mental health space.  We shape the programming and design of Bloom in partnership with the Open Door Charity. Here, our unique placement allows us to design our work to have a positive, lasting impact. Working in partnership with the ODC means collectively shaping change in how mental health support, creativity and culture work together. 

In Cahoots offers the space for local residents and the public to engage and participate with art within a non traditional gallery environment such as Bloom Building. We believe that bringing our programming into directly public facing spaces, allows for unique, spontaneous and confrontational experiences of arts and culture. With over 250+ regular members, customers and visitors attending the Bloom each week, what better place for our exhibitions, workshops and talks to happen and way to engage a fantastic new and ever-changing audience.

Being at Bloom is also important to us as it means placing arts and culture directly alongside frontline mental health delivery and support. Putting our work in a safe and supportive environment for you to engage with the work. But also keeping an open conversation about mental health and wellbeing. With Bloom providing an immediate access point to access support, or to train to be a mentor through the Open Doors shaping change course. For us it’s the perfect space for our programme to exist. 

We also work on a number of other project with Open Door to reimagine how arts, culture & mental health all sit alongside one another, which we will share more about soon. 

Thanks to the Bloom and Open Door Charity for having us and if you haven't been yet make sure to come on the 17th for our In Cahoots Launch party and see the space in full action. 

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