Chwarae Teg / Fair Play"

22nd March - 20th April

Convenience Pop Up, 39 Borough Pavement, Birkenhead

Chwarae Teg / Fair Play": Sorrell Kerrison invites you to ponder the timeless question: "When do we stop playing for the sake of enjoyment and always search for productivity?" Is it a byproduct of the capitalist dilemma, or simply an inevitable aspect of aging that we forget to find joy in the simple act of playing and exploring? Through this thought-provoking exhibition, Kerrison delves into the complexities of human nature and the intrinsic value of play.

As a multidisciplinary artist specializing in handmade textile craftsmanship and animation, Kerrison presents a captivating exploration of nostalgia, playfulness, and the passage of time. Drawing from personal experiences and societal observations, Kerrison's works serve as a poignant reflection on the intersection of childhood innocence and adult responsibilities.

"Chwarae Teg / Fair Play" features a diverse array of artworks, ranging from textile and sculptural pieces inspired by Kerrison's own childhood memories to animations that beckon viewers to engage with their own playful inclinations. By inviting participation and introspection, Kerrison encourages visitors to reconnect with the innate sense of wonder and curiosity that often fades with age.

Central to the exhibition is Kerrison's inquiry into the impact of societal norms and cultural expectations on our capacity for play. Through interactive elements and participatory experiences, Kerrison challenges viewers to consider the constraints of adulthood and the enduring importance of embracing moments of spontaneity and joy.

With "Chwarae Teg / Fair Play," Sorrell Kerrison invites you to rediscover the magic of playfulness and the profound significance of embracing the present moment. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, as we celebrate the transformative power of play in fostering creativity, connection, and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of simply being.

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Sorrell Kerrison 

I am Sorrell Kerrison and I am a multidisciplinary artist specialising in handmade textiles and animation. Hailing from Wales and now residing in Liverpool, I am driven by a profound curiosity to explore the intersection of tactile craftsmanship and digital innovation through my work and practice. 

My artistic journey revolves around reimagining conventional textile methods, from intricate embroidery to the timeless art of quilting, into captivating creations that beckon further exploration. Sustainability lies at the heart of my practice; I meticulously source materials from charity shops and salvage items destined for landfill, infusing new life into forgotten treasures.

The symbiotic relationship between tactile textiles and dynamic animation fuels my creative vision. I revel in the juxtaposition of these seemingly disparate elements, weaving narratives that blur the boundaries between the physical and the digital realms.

Central to my artistic ethos is the belief in fostering active engagement with my audience. Through workshops and interactive exhibitions, I invite individuals to become co-creators, empowering them to shape the evolution and perception of my work. I endeavor to cultivate a sense of participation, where viewers transcend the role of passive spectators and become integral contributors to the artistic dialogue.

As a versatile and multidisciplinary artist, I am committed to continual growth and exploration. My aspiration is to push the boundaries of traditional mediums, perpetually seeking innovative avenues to merge disparate skills and materials in ways that inspire wonder and delight.

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