Burst Our Bubble

After 3 years of University, what's next? For our Gallery team, it felt like a step into the abyss, and years of soul searching. With the 2019 Graduates, we wanted to work with them and to help them build a show straight after uni.

With ten artists, and a variety of practices they came together to produce a great Multi venue exhibit. We worked alongside the artists to deliver an exhibit comprising of new and existing work over 3 gallery spaces. Where we facilitated the use of John Hyatt's Dark Side Art Lab, alongside Convenience.

Leading the exhibition was one of the artists, Kerry McSweeney.

Who with Bernadette Colligan & Jess Scott, created the graphics, and booklet for the exhibition.

The Following Artists were exhibited.

Kerry McSweeney

Sian Cooper

Michael Roberts

Jess Scott

Bernadette Colligan

Matthew Holt

Jess Pullan

Rhian Griffiths

Charley Evans

Charlotte Southall

For more info about each of the artists click on their name and see their Instagram/ Websites.

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