Your working class history and life in Birkenhead. 

Here is an ongoing collection of your stories, memories and history of our area Birkenhead. Each colour represents memories from different sessions we have ran. We will running a number of groups across November and December to submit stories. 

Or you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and contribute your own memories and history. It can right up to present day. This map is part of work we are doing to uncover the working class history of the area. 

Colour Pins Key: All colours relate to when the memories were shared, at various events or online locations 

Purple: Memories from Ron's Place Event

Yellow: Convenience Summer Festival Event

Green: Birkenhead Park History Day 26th November

Blue: Facebook Group

Brown: Volunteer stories

Orange: Stork Hotel History Night 1st December

Share your story with us: 

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Location of memory: 

Date/ Era of memory: 

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We look forward to hearing and sharing your stories and if you have any picture you'd like to share let us know in the message. 

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