Birkenhead International Film Festival presents: Animation. 

Birkenhead International Film Festival presents Animation. A day showcasing 20+ Short Animations from around the world.

About this event

We are happy to announce that Birkenhead International Film Festival will be hosting its first live in person event on October 2nd at the Bloom Building in Birkenhead. The theme of this year's festival will be Animation. The event will take place from 3pm onwards and will involve workshops, food, drinks and of course films. The films will be shown in 4 screenings throughout the day with our first block starting at 3:45pm.

Tickets are donation based with a suggested donation of £5 but pay what you can, we appreciate any donations. You can reserve a ticket here! 

The film festival will be a continued exploration into the very best animated short films from across the world.

Step into the world of the BIFF.

Tickets here: Eventbrite

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