Ben Lunt

  • Perhaps we are nothing more than jiggly organ sacks that wobble around on a rock hurtling through space until we just, sort of don’t any more. Following the logic of Existential and Absurdist writers such as Sartre and Camus, my practice aims to address the cosmic horror of everyday life.
  • I guess my work would relate to home in the way that it talks a lot about being bored, and being unsure of what to do next with life. I think this kind of thing has impacted us all a lot more now that we're stuck at home.  Hopefully the positive thing to draw from is that if nothing else, my work wants to tell people to enjoy what they have and live what they can, but in a kind of darkly humourous kind of way.
  • I've found it really hard being away from the community at TRS. Don't get me wrong, I've done an infinite amount of DIY, jobs and admin, but I've sadly not made a lot of art!

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