On our Christmas Festival we will hosting an auction this will take place from 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Artists featured will be: Rosa Kusabbi, Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro, Patric Rogers, Lois Tierney, Millie Toyin Olateju, Ry Dilkes, Jon Edgley, Andrew Wolfenden, Ryan Gauge, Dripped Goods, Max Mallender, Dan O’Dempsey, Kate Bigley, SceneGraph Studios Website & a Bloom Building Rental.  More still to be announced on the day. We will be updating this page as fast as we can to show all work ahead of the day.

Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro auction
Patric Rogers Auction
Rosa Kusabbi auction
Lois Tierney auction
Ry Dilkes auction
Georgemma Hunt auction
Dripped Goods auction
Dan Chan Auction
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