“Another Night in” aims to explore the narrative of the artists, their works and impromptu workspace or home studios that our cultural creatives are currently working from. To not only showcase the creative outputs of these artists but to also explore the reality of the creative industry before, during and even after lockdown. Many artists already worked from home as this is the reality of the industry and the rest have ether rapidly or slowly developed their homes into improvised art spaces.  The lines between home, work and studio have always been blurred in the creative industry but now may they have all but disappeared. We want this project to simply reflect the current reality of “home” within the creative sector and celebrate the resilient creativity of artists in Merseyside. The world has stopped but we keep creating! 

We are aiming to have a celebration digitally of all the artists that make it such a great place some of the simple realities of our industry.

Anyone creating in Merseyside is welcome to enter a simple submission to “another night in”, an exploration of our creative community within the new normal. 

Using the #LightNightatHome and #Anothernightin * we want Liverpool based artists to share with us three things. 

  • A photograph of your current working environment
  • A piece of work (this can be a work in progress)
  • A description of your practice and work, use the points below as prompts:

●      A short sentence describing your practice/work/interests.

●      What connection if any does your work have to the theme of home?

●      How has this time at home influenced, shaped or redirected your practice? 

We will be sharing these across our Instagram story, Twitter Feed and on our website on the evening.

To begin we have invited a selection of artists from our existing Convenience community practicing locally to share some of their stories with us. 

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