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In 2021, the Open Door Charity (ODC) working with the NHS will launch a brand new innovative resource for Personality disorders, called Flex PD. This will include tailored support and bespoke resources that shape change in supporting those living with a personality disorder.

As part of the resource there will be art exhibitions, films, personal journal and culture. With both physical and digital exhibitions of artwork and stories.


Aesthetics is a programme that Convenience will work alongside the ODC with to explore creative outcomes, create a supportive programme of narrative and skills lead creative sessions and commission works for exhibitions. All work, narratives and outcomes created in this project will be shared across the Flex PD project as an accessible resource for people with Personality Disorder.

aesthetics; An aesthetic experience is undergone when we are in a certain state of mind, the state of “finding the experience of a state of affairs to be valuable in itself”.Being grabbed by the object. Totally absorbed or engaged with them. The aesthetic experience is not the result of will or instruction. The border view includes moral, political, cognitive, religious and other insights. Most important point that when you have / having an aesthetic experience you can’t untangle each individual factor i.e moral, religious. It’s a combination of all of those things together!

The project seeks to bring together individuals living with a personality disorder and express that through creativity and arts.

Throughout the project we will support and invite you to capture your experience to give an understanding as to how a personality disorder shapes and influences you. This should be a truthful portrayal, its doesn’t need to be just high moments but just something you feel truthfully reflects your experience. For example a short video blog, written statement or other journaling.

What does aesthetics look like?

To get involved there are a few different strands and you only need to do one to be involved;

1. Art Project/ Support Session; 4 creative session delivered by local professional artists exploring varied skills and narrative based workshop. These will be fun creative session to meet new people, build a community, learn new skills and share you personal experiences.

2. Digital Exhibitions space; We will work with the ODC to create an ever changing and growing digital space to share your artwork, creations and stories.

3. Art Commission; this would have a budget of up to £400 inclusive of a payment (To be discussed) to create or develop a piece of work. The work itself does not have to explicitly be about your Personality disorder. You can submit a proposal for work of any discipline or format. This could include but is not exhaustive of; painting, ceramics, sculpture, performance, design, graphics, gaming, a talk, audio, installation, light, fashion, textiles, illustration, photography, a film. The only expectation is that it will need to captured and placed online. Unfortunately we are limited to the number of commissions we are able to award to 2, so not every submission made will be able to be commissioned.


From your expression of interest we will invite you to get involved with the project through the ways you’d like to if possible.

It’s important to us that this project created is reflective of every person involved as individuals, and that we can do as much as we can to best support your needs throughout the project.

If you would like a downloadable form rather than the online form drop us a message here and we will send one out to you via email. 

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