Aesthetics: An exhibition exploring the experiences and creative practices of 5 artists with lived experience of personality disorder. A part of Convenience Galleries In Cahoots 21/22 programme. 

Aesthetics is a focused Project commissioned By CWP in Partnership with the Open Door Charity and Convenience to develop a creative resource which explore’s the lived experience, personal narrative, diagnosis and conceptual thoughts of artists with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder. 

We have worked across the last year to develop a commissioning process to bring artists with lived experience from across the globe to develop creative responses and personal journals that document a personal, introspective and deeply insightful exploration of lived experience and diagnosis.  

This project aims to give both insight and understanding as personally disorder are often misrepresented and misunderstood in both media and the public realm. Aesthetics will play a small part in a wider conversation in reshaping understanding and placing the narrative in the hands of people with lived experience. Both to create new understanding and shared experience for other with lived experience and people going through diagnosis.  

Opening Night: Friday 15th October 6:30pm-11:00pm 

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