Craftbar creates space to explore, experiment, play and learn about sustainable and circular making processes. 

CRAFTBAR is conceptualised and produced by independent maker Ry Dilkes in collaboration with Convenience using circular and sustainable practice to create this unique modular work space. The aim is to create an environment made from reclaimed materials that provides a space for participants to gain hands-on experience working with recycled materials and inspiring them to think about the ways materials could be recycled and reused on an individual level. 

Craftbar will champion and share the approaches of local independent businesses and makers as they address issues and questions of sustainability and carbon neutrality on small and individual businesses. With a number of takeovers planned from sustainable makers across the area. 

Initially created for the Good Business Festival, this has been funded by the LCR Cares- Community Wealth Building Fund. To run a further 12 community sessions and work alongside our community. 

The framework was created with boards donated by FINSA.

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