Ollie C

Ollies illustrations are heavily influenced by classic 1950s advertisements/ Americana and traditional tattoos. All the artwork is printed in black and white on heavy cartridge paper and then coloured in by hand using felt tips and pencil. Allowing the audience to see the texture of the colours within a nice and neat border of the black ink. The technique comes from colouring books and pages he used as a child, the freedom you had to just pick up a colour and without any form of logic or fear of repercussions would paint the sea purple or a Knight's amour in green and because of the technique and because of the primary colours its amazing how an image no matter how dark the subject is can be toned down by the bright colours.  


Instagram: @ollie_c_art

Work with Convenience Gallery

Ollie first worked with us at our first exhibition. This was an Open Call to engage artists to come and work with us at Birkenhead Market.

Since then Ollie has worked on us with a variety of projects. 

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